Tyan Changes for 1.1.6

YhLu YhLu at tyan.com
Thu Mar 11 23:42:01 CET 2004

1. AMD 8131: ioapic : PCI master mem/io enable. The segment I have added in
old version, in 1.1.6 Eric remove that. --- It is needed for other MBs
except arima --because it connects all apic to 8111.
2. Some correction in AMD8151.
3. Add superio/Winbond/w83627hf.
4. other changs in tyan dir.  (auto.c failover.c cmos.layout from arima dir)
	(Config.lb changes for option_table.h building and superio ...)
	(Increase the heap size to make elfboot work).


发件人: ron minnich [mailto:rminnich at lanl.gov] 
发送时间: 2004年3月11日 20:49
收件人: YhLu
抄送: linuxbios at clustermatic.org
主题: Re: (no subject)

ok, we will get this tomorrow morning and test it here as well. 

It would also be helpful if you add a comment for such changes but we will 
try to understand what you have done.


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