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Hendricks David W. dwh at
Thu Mar 11 16:40:01 CET 2004

You can make a BProc (Beowulf distributed processing space) cluster out of 
pretty much anything. One of the clusters here at Los Alamos National 
Laboratory boots Clustermatic software out of flash using our LinuxBIOS 
(shameless plug). It saves money since we don't need a hard disk or CD-ROM 

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Lancashire, Pete wrote:

> sorry to bother every one with a non linux bios question
> I'm going to set up a small cluster at home for self
> education. cost as can be expected is a concern. For
> now i'm looking at a cluster of 4-8 boxes.
> I've looked at using used PC's but the best prices
> i've seen for anything with a >1 Ghz Processor is
> $200 or more.
> On the flip side Wal Mart of all places has a box for
> $200. No fancy or fast. but better then any used price
> ive come across.
> Anyway.. does someone know of a mailing list or site
> for those of us who have not won a lottery ?
> tia,
> -pete
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