ACPI support

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Thu Mar 11 05:54:00 CET 2004

* YhLu <YhLu at> [040311 06:14]:
> Stefan,
> It seems that you put some code about acpi in the tree.
> What's your plan about that? 

I created some basic framework for dynamic ACPI table creation, but it
is by no means a complete ACPI implementation. Plan is to also support
powermanagement on AMD64 (and hopefully get ACPI going for other ports
as well)
> Can I use that together with ACPI support in Kernel to make "shutdown -h
> now" to be real shutdown the power?

Currently, no. Not all information is provided by LinuxBIOS yet to make 
this work. (Much of it can be generated from the device tree) 
The ACPI implementation currently only allows to utilize the HPET timer
in Linux (which is not possible without ACPI at all)


  Stefan Reinauer, SUSE LINUX AG
Head of Architecture Development

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