EPIA-M 6000 or M-10000 Frame buffer + linuxbios +/- VGA

"?=Dmitry Borisov=?koi8-r?Q?" jbors at mail.ru
Thu Mar 4 14:39:01 CET 2004

> On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, first last wrote:
> > Any time frame for those Borisov changes to go into CVS?
> well, I have asked him to send a cvs diff -u, so that I can just apply the 
> patch. 
> I didn't realize how much demand there was ...
> Also do the ports for these boards now use SPD for sizing DRAM? That is a 
> concern for me.
> ron

What I see from CVS and version that works for me( as of Jul-2003 ) that they are different quite a lot( for EPIA-M part ). If you can make a decision of which one should stay I would make a patch then.
BTW: I was not able to make the patched current version to work with the same stability as patched July's version.
I'll wait for your take on that. 

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