EPIA-M 6000 or M-10000 Frame buffer + linuxbios +/- VGA

"?=Dmitry Borisov=?koi8-r?Q?" jbors at mail.ru
Wed Mar 3 12:08:01 CET 2004

Subject: EPIA-M 6000 or M-10000  Frame buffer + linuxbios +/- VGA

> Does anyone have a working snapshot of this?  I've tried building
> the list from 2003-07-05 cvs and patch of Ashley, as well as cvs co of 
> freebios2 tree
> and found varying degrees of limited success.  If someone on the list has a 
> working
> snapshot or pointer, that could save some time here.
> I appreciate and commend all those who have worked on this great project.  
> The boots
> done here using freebios v1 and v2 come in under several seconds to init 
> level 3.  This project has great potential.
> Many thanks in advance.
> M. R.

Well, all I did is just took the snapshot as of 2003-07-05, aplpied Dave's patch on it and added filo as payload.
Also for my purposes I've made some changes to have pcx logo working( still waiting for Ron's update on joining EPIA changes into the cvs ).
It gives me linuxbios+ vga+ splash until linux starts.

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