s: binary-file for Geode GX1 + Cx5530 & TFT

Thomas Leidenfrost leidenfrost at corscience.de
Tue Jun 29 09:08:03 CEST 2004

Hi there,

I'm using the AW-B651-Board with the NS Geode CPU and the Cx5530. 
Reading the archive I found out, that some people were using a similar 
combination, so I wanted to ask, if somebody can send me a binary file I 
can simply flash? (the original Bios is backupped in a seperate ROM).

Next thing is, that my board has two monitor-outputs, the ordinary 
15-pole-DIN and a flatpanel-connector on the board? Is there support for 
  the flatpanel-connector?

Thanks in advance,


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