LVDS Support

Richard Smith rsmith at
Fri Jun 25 13:51:00 CEST 2004

Michael Robinson wrote:

> It looks like LVDS is a BIOS only thing, all of the pages on getting it 
> running under Linux refer you back to the BIOS... Hmm...

Thats because thats normally a bios/vbios type deal.  When you are 
dealing with a panel direct its a whole different ball game.

Do you know if the LVDS is part of the EPIA video system or if its 
seperate descrete chips?

LVDS has a couple of flavors depending on what type of panel you are 
talking to.  So the vbios will normally query the system bios for a 
panel type or some bios config setting.  Based on the panel type it will 
set the internal chip registers or toggle gpio lines to put descrete 
chips in the right mode.

CRTC Timeings are also panel specific.  There are VESA timeings but lots 
of panels still need tweaking.

some linux fb drivers and X drivers can deal with these issues but for 
legacy VGA mode the vbios enables some video sytem trickery.

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