LVDS Support

Michael Robinson mrobinson at
Fri Jun 25 12:53:00 CEST 2004

It looks like LVDS is a BIOS only thing, all of the pages on getting it 
running under Linux refer you back to the BIOS... Hmm...

Michael Robinson wrote:

> The VIA EPIA MII can be bought with an LVDS port on it and I was 
> wondering the compatibility of this.  Obviously its not supported 
> under LinuxBIOS, but would it work under Linux?  A guy told me that 
> the LCD panel had to be supported by VIA's BIOS for it to work.  
> Should Linux be able to setup something like this since LinuxBIOS 
> leaves most of that stuff to Linux or does it have to be done by the 
> BIOS (ie if Linux doesn't support LVDS)?
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