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Hendricks David W. dwh at lanl.gov
Fri Jun 25 12:20:00 CEST 2004

LinuxBIOS is actually very small (64KB), it will fit easily on a 256KB 
flash part. However, you must be careful about the size of your part. If 
you have a 256KB flash part, then you need to adjust the ROM_SIZE in 
your Config.lb file accordingly:
option ROM_SIZE=256*1024
If you're on a 512KB flash part, then it should be this:
option ROM_SIZE=512*1024

Also, on a 512KB flash part, you can concatinate a 256KB linuxbios.rom 
twice into another file and burn that instead, so long as the file size 
is 512KB.

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Michael Robinson wrote:

> Sounds great, thanks for the help.  I have one other question though, 
> LinuxBIOS will fit on a 4Mbit flash chip if my root filesystem in on a 
> hard drive, correct?  Also, the specs for the VIA EPIA MII say the BIOS 
> is 2/4Mbit, does this mean I can use either size or does it mean that it 
> only works with one of these sizes?
> Thanks,
> Michael Robinson
> mrobinson at fuzzymuzzle.com
> www.fuzzymuzzle.com

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