Porting Linux BIOS

Michael Robinson mrobinson at fuzzymuzzle.com
Wed Jun 23 00:04:01 CEST 2004


I'm not sure what mobo I'm going to use yet, before I buy one I want to 
make sure it's at least reasonably possible to get LinuxBIOS running on 
it.  I've heard that the Asus SiS mobos won't work because of the flash 
chip.  Is this just because of the pinout or is it because of actual 
software compatibility.  I can always solder my own socket onto the 
board if necessary.  I've been looking at the Asus boards and most of 
the compatible boards on your site seem to use the SiS chipset that many 
of the Asus's do.  Can you give me any insight on the chip compatibility 
problem?  Most of the SiS chips in the Asus boards seem very close in 
model number to the ones you guys have got working.

Michael Robinson
mrobinson at fuzzymuzzle.com

ron minnich wrote:

>it depends on the chipset type. Can you give us some lspci output and we 
>can see what is possible?

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