Has anyone heard about EPIA MII FastBoot ROM Utility? < GPL Issue

Matt Jarvis matt at rolec.ltd.uk
Thu Jun 17 08:30:01 CEST 2004

This wouldn't surprise me. Via did the same with the Waste sources, 
built their own version for the PadlockSL utility without mention of the 
fact it was GPL Waste source based. They withdrew the code from their 
webpage when it was put to them that it was a GPL infringement. They 
dont seem to understand the concept of the GPL very well.

Adam Sulmicki wrote:
>>I'm trying to boot from the CF reader on the VIA Epia platform. After
>>reading forums and mailinglist this could be possible by the FastBoot
>>But I was a bit surpriced what I found in there...
>>grep linux `find` and look at the 'loader*.obj'-files.
>>Can somebody confirm this is _not_ distributed GPL code as a binary?
> fyi, you can get to this page from :
> 	http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=343
> you can do:
> 	wget http://downloads.viaarena.com/WinCE/Apr04/fastboot%20v2.01.zip
> 	unzip fastboot%20v2.01.zip
>   	strings */*/loader?.obj | grep -i linux
> it gives you stuff like :
> _linuxbios_versionR
> _linuxbios_extra_versionX
> _linuxbios_build`
> _linuxbios_compile_timef
> _linuxbios_compile_byp
> _linuxbios_compile_hostv
> _linuxbios_compile_domainz
> _linuxbios_compiler~
> _linuxbios_linker
> _linuxbios_assembler
> etc, etc.
> also that http page mentioned above has contact info. perhaps something to
> inquire at.
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