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Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at
Thu Jun 17 07:34:00 CEST 2004

Le lun 14/06/2004 à 20:39, Nathanael Noblet a écrit :
> On Monday, June 14, 2004, at 04:54 AM, Mathieu Deschamps wrote:
> > Hello LinuxBiosers,
> >
> > I have finish my reporting activities, i'am submiting
> > my work. It is has been done during my training period of
> > 2 months or so. This was a short time and maybe I'am not
> > experimenced enough to give something to more experimenced people,
> > but maybe not ;)
> >
> Um wow!, I don't know if anyone else downloaded and started reading 
> that (I don't know who knows french on this list). In anycase, 
> Mathieu's "summary" of LinuxBIOS is 91 pages long and 19 000 words. 
> It'll take a little while to translate completely. I've done a couple 
> pages so far, but can't do this on a full time basis, so it'll be 
> awhile before its all done.

héhé who ever said it was a summary ? 
it is rather a 'complete' study Linuxbios and embedding, that's why
that's 90 pages.
The first thing I've learn from Linuxbios is :
'You got to like reading or at least not be disgusted by grepping into

ain't it so ? 

Seriously as a study there's my research path explanations and stuffs 
that no one care here : i've started from nothing.

In my avant-propos (forewords), I said that (roughly)

"[...] I try to write this document taking into consideration
3 types of readers : mangrove developpers, linuxbios community,
university teachers. "

...that's is true but some pages could be overlapped or dropped.

Some part that would be of low interest for us have to be dropped for
it looks like um so monolitic.

	the section in 'L'Etude' called 'Organisation' is one of theses.
	the section in 'L'Etude' called 'Etude de faisabilité' just explains to
non initiate the pros and cons Linuxbios has.

It already saves some pages.

Moreover, Nathanael see the positive of that :
You needn't translate some chart that are already in english :)


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