Building Tyan AMD64 s2882 Linux BIOS

Tony Cheng tony_cheng at
Wed Jun 16 15:04:00 CEST 2004


The source code I've got is coming from CVS, but it's about one or two month
ago. I get the code and did do anything with it until now. I will update the
code and try again.

I will try Redhat 9.0, last time I try it, I saw the version of GCC on
redhat 9.0 is lower than the required version mentioned by LinuxBIOS-AMD64,
Author by Stefan Reinauer

I'm not fully understand the paylod idea yet, but I will do some research on
my side.

I'm really appriciate the response you guys have given to me. I'm starting
to feel much more confident with LinuxBIOS now.

Some people in my company is a little hesitate about the LinuxBIOS as we use
Phoenix BIOS before and afraid of the free Software, I will make a strong
case for them because the good community I saw here.


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> Tony,
> Where did you get the source code?
> Via CVS or linuxbios snapshot?
> The update source code should be compiled no problem under RH 9 for i386.
> ROM_SECTION_SIZE should be 128K for fallback.
> If you want to boot local
> 1. Etherboot: you can build ide_disk.zelf
> 2. FILO: it can understand file system and kernel + rootfs instead of elf
> format
> 3. FILO_IN_Etherboot: I port the FILO into Etherboot and add boot from
> and it can boot from usb disk too.
> Regards
> YH
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> Mr. Yh,
> I'm glag to see you here. I saw your name on the LinuxBIOS web site and
> know you are the owner of Tyan AMD64 motherboard.
> I'm building the Linux BIOS using your Tyan s2882. The AMD opteron 2
> CPUs system for my comany, we are evaluating Tyan s2882 board for a
> embeded Storage Server. I have some questions maybe you can enlighten
> me.
> 1. I get a lot of warning messages from compiler when I build, is that
> normal? I use Suse Linux 9.1, GCC 3.3.3
> 2. I only get Fallback BIOS build sucessfully, Normal BIOS will break
> during the build, is that the way it is?
> 3. I see your ROM_SECTION_SIZE was set to about 98K, you must have a
> very small payload and use a flash utilty to program the Flash. I set
> the ROM_SECTION_SIZE to 512K, but I'm still have trouble to get a Linux
> Kernel to fit into the Flash. Do you have any recommandation about the
> payload?  if you can send your payload "tg3--ide_disk_com1_2.zelf" to me
> just for a testing purpose that will be great!
> Thanks
> Tony
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