Building Tyan AMD64 s2882 Linux BIOS

root tony_cheng at
Wed Jun 16 14:31:01 CEST 2004

Mr. Yh,

I'm glag to see you here. I saw your name on the LinuxBIOS web site and
know you are the owner of Tyan AMD64 motherboard.

I'm building the Linux BIOS using your Tyan s2882. The AMD opteron 2
CPUs system for my comany, we are evaluating Tyan s2882 board for a
embeded Storage Server. I have some questions maybe you can enlighten

1. I get a lot of warning messages from compiler when I build, is that
normal? I use Suse Linux 9.1, GCC 3.3.3

2. I only get Fallback BIOS build sucessfully, Normal BIOS will break
during the build, is that the way it is?

3. I see your ROM_SECTION_SIZE was set to about 98K, you must have a
very small payload and use a flash utilty to program the Flash. I set
the ROM_SECTION_SIZE to 512K, but I'm still have trouble to get a Linux
Kernel to fit into the Flash. Do you have any recommandation about the
payload?  if you can send your payload "tg3--ide_disk_com1_2.zelf" to me
just for a testing purpose that will be great!



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