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Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at
Mon Jun 14 06:45:01 CEST 2004

Hello LinuxBiosers,

I have finish my reporting activities, i'am submiting
my work. It is has been done during my training period of
2 months or so. This was a short time and maybe I'am not
experimenced enough to give something to more experimenced people,
but maybe not ;)

Actually, this documentation is 'nowby' oriented,
it's complete, from null cable making to kernel
tweaking, and LinuxBios matter for sure.

Stefan, indeed I don't know whatever it will stuff
your initial papers which were one of my source.

I submit it for 2 reasons :

Because LinuxBios gives me, as a newbie, some real piece of hardness
and some good piece of joy. 
I'd like to share this document so that the first could be
reduce in the advantage of the second piece.

Because it is a duty and a chance of OpenSource design, taking
advantage of everybody experience twice : be quickly started
and confirmed with BIOS developpement, and being commented/corrected
when it's your go to release something.

Nathanael, thanks for your proposition.
I tryed to be as clear as possible,
If you find difficulties, you can mail me.

It is a great project to work on. I congratulate
everybody that made it what it is now, and people
at LANL that started and support it.


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