[PROPOSAL] extended payload handling

Frank frannk_m1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 13:51:00 CEST 2004

Someone mentioned ROMCC when I first started to inquire about
V2. But it wasn't in the source tree for V2 and I had to not
only go searching for it I had to figure out how to use it.:-(
That is another selling point for u-boot. When I download the
toolchain (ELDK3) I get everything in one place. From what I
know about ROMCC, it looks like the answer to the "stack in
cache" trick. 
I am not trying to flame or put down LB. I'm just trying to
point out it's shortcomings. I was only trying to provide some
constructive criticism. In about 6 months we will revisit V2 and
try to see if we can use it for our cost reduced version of the
existing product. Hopefully I won't be pressed for time as I am
now and will be able to contribute something.:-)

--- Richard Smith <rsmith at bitworks.com> wrote:
> Frank wrote:
> > and that's another problem. Why V1 and V2...
> V1 was deemed un-maintainable.  All the memory init code has
> to be done 
> in assembly with registers only and its very difficult stuff
> to write. 
> There are also several issues with the config files.
> Eric wrote romcc which compiles C code that runs without RAM. 
> And the 
> LANL guys did a re-work on the config file parser.  The
> merging of the 2 
>   new major sub-systems essentially became V2. [If I left 
> anything/anyone out please someone correct me, I was but a
> spectator for 
> all this]
> The V2 tree was then started with a fresh clean slate and the
> goal to 
> correct some of the infrastructure problems with V1.
> V1 is still around for people like me who haven't been able to
> make the 
> port to V2.  Like you I'm still under too much time pressure
> and until I 
> can make my video work the effort to go to V2 dosen't make
> sense.  One I 
> can deliver a proto to my customer then I'll go look at V2.
> If you are starting from scratch then don't even bother with
> V1 except 
> for reference only.  V2 is the future.  Hopefully you can help
> it be a 
> better future than V1 had.
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