[PROPOSAL] extended payload handling

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Tue Jun 8 13:15:01 CEST 2004

Frank wrote:

> and that's another problem. Why V1 and V2...

V1 was deemed un-maintainable.  All the memory init code has to be done 
in assembly with registers only and its very difficult stuff to write. 
There are also several issues with the config files.

Eric wrote romcc which compiles C code that runs without RAM.  And the 
LANL guys did a re-work on the config file parser.  The merging of the 2 
  new major sub-systems essentially became V2. [If I left 
anything/anyone out please someone correct me, I was but a spectator for 
all this]

The V2 tree was then started with a fresh clean slate and the goal to 
correct some of the infrastructure problems with V1.

V1 is still around for people like me who haven't been able to make the 
port to V2.  Like you I'm still under too much time pressure and until I 
can make my video work the effort to go to V2 dosen't make sense.  One I 
can deliver a proto to my customer then I'll go look at V2.

If you are starting from scratch then don't even bother with V1 except 
for reference only.  V2 is the future.  Hopefully you can help it be a 
better future than V1 had.

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