[PROPOSAL] extended payload handling

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Tue Jun 8 12:21:00 CEST 2004

Frank wrote:

> Hopefully by the time we decide to do cost reduced version,
> LinuxBios will be usable for the masses and not just for an
> elite group of people who assume everybody else uses the x86 for
> everyday use.:-(

I think the above is a little harsh.

As long as I've been on this list LinuxBIOS has always been about 
getting dirty with the code and making it to do what you need it to do 
for your specific applicaiton.  Along the way many good people have put 
a _lot_ of effort into trying to take all these individual needs and 
produce some sort of API that could be re-useable by the next person. 
But at this level that's really hard.

We've always known the level of documentation sucks.  If you ask we will 
tell you it sucks.  Just none of the people who really know the core 
have time to pull off and re-hash it.

 From what it started with and considering the odds stacked against it 
LB has make _huge_ advancements.  It x86 specific becuse that's what all 
the core developers use.  For LinuxBios to make the jump to 
multi-platform it will take an investment of developers such as yourself 
getting dirty in the core and makeing it happen.  I don't think any of 
the developers just "assume" the world uses x86.  x86 just happens to be 
most of what thier world is right now.

I understand your time requirements prevented you from jumping in on 
this project but until _someone_ takes the initiative and brings LB 
forward on non-x86 platforms it won't ever meet your "masses" criteria.

So I'd suggest that if you really wanted LB available with all the extra 
features for your platform you should revise your tone a bit.  Whiners 
don't get the best of support from coders.

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