[Fwd: Re: Linuxbios and Linspire laptop]

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Wed Jun 2 14:31:00 CEST 2004

Miernik wrote:

> Bari Ari <bari at onelabs.com> wrote:
>>The Linspire laptop http://www.sub300.com/port.htm pretty much an Epia 
>>with a keyboard controller. 
> BTW: Is it an EPIA or EPIA-M ?
I really have no idea. That's what someone else had posted.

>>Not very glamorous but if it has a Renesas 
>>keyboard super I/O controller I might be interested and getting it up 
>>under LinuxBIOS.
> Can someone who has the Linspire laptop, and is willing to open the 
> case voiding the warranty, could check what is the keyboard controller?
> Bari, how do you recognize the keyboard controller chip?
> Are there any example images?
They just look like another chip. You have to check the part numbers to 
find out.


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