Linux from NTLDR

Matt Jarvis matt at
Fri Jul 30 09:34:01 CEST 2004

A cursory google throws up loads of stuff about doing this :

Personally I would use grub, but each to their own...

Digital Infra, Inc. wrote:
> (Doublely posted to Grub and LinuxBIOS ML. Tell me which is appropriate.)
> Hello.
> I am working on booting Linux from NTLDR. I mean, you dont have to
> install a Grub on your MBR.
> Check this:
> 1087892282;start=180
> First, I want to hear your opinion about it. And I appriciate much
> if you give me even hints of development.
> Second, Do you know a small Linux kernel build which runs as one
> relocatable binary file? In other words,
> Of course, I use .com here as not internet, but MS-DOS word.
>        Okajima, Jun. Digital Infra, Inc. Tokyo, Japan.
>        (Japanese native can mail me directly with Japanese lang.)
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