Linux from NTLDR

Digital Infra, Inc. okajima at
Fri Jul 30 09:19:00 CEST 2004

(Doublely posted to Grub and LinuxBIOS ML. Tell me which is appropriate.)


I am working on booting Linux from NTLDR. I mean, you dont have to
install a Grub on your MBR.

Check this:;action=display;num=

First, I want to hear your opinion about it. And I appriciate much
if you give me even hints of development.

Second, Do you know a small Linux kernel build which runs as one
relocatable binary file? In other words,
Of course, I use .com here as not internet, but MS-DOS word.

       Okajima, Jun. Digital Infra, Inc. Tokyo, Japan.
       (Japanese native can mail me directly with Japanese lang.)

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