Change in flash chip kills my linuxbios.

Joey Nelson joey at
Mon Jul 26 19:17:01 CEST 2004

I forgot to mention, the computer is supplied with award bios on the
flashes, and the new Winbond flashes work fine with the included bios.

> Subtle timeing problems?  Whats the speed rating of both parts?

This is possible.  The SST was a 70ns part and the winbond a 90ns part.  
The PC104 computer is a FB2510, a basic GEODE GX1 with CS5530A. 

I am actually getting serial output (accidentally had it disabled before).

It dies at:
Jumping to LinuxBIOS.

Everything up to that point is identical between the SST and Winbond parts.
Only the SST continues on for the rest of the boot process.

I've been pouring over the source code, and the datasheets for the GX1 and
CS5530.  But haven't seen any red flags yet.  

I have a logic analyzer that I can hook up to the isa bus to ensure that no
timing is being violated for the 90ns parts.  But I'd rather not have to go
through that exercise.  

I'd love any additional hints on where to look.

> How many address lines does the board really use?  Its 
> possible that if some of the address lines were floating that 
> it might work with one part but not the other.

I checked the socket against the PC/104 header and found that all the
address lines are connected.

Thanks for the input thus far.


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