Was a newbie, now a polliwog

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Sun Jul 25 22:23:00 CEST 2004

Thomas Fritz wrote:

> There's a PDF file on the tiny-linux site, which has a descriptions of 
> results - with a 2.6 kernel with more features than I'd need, the writer 
> says that he got it as small as a compressed 363K image, and a user 
> reported a compressed image as small as 191K.

Thats very encouraging.  I wonder what was enabled in the 191Kib 
version.  191+64 is just enough for those people with 256Kib flashes.

> This is all very interesting, but while I have 512K to work in right 
> now, I have no idea how much space linuxbios needs.  Also, keep in mind 
> I'm going to be trying to cross-compile for the PowerPC...does the same 
> code need more bytes or fewer bytes?

In my current LB1 setup that does not netboot:

LB   = 60Kib
ADLO = 136Kib

By the time they run through the script the whole thing ends up being 
228Kib but I have my settings so that the smallest alignment is like 64k 
or so.  I don't remember exactly so I've got wasted space.

I have no idea how the PPC code compares to x86.  I've cc: this to the 
list perhaps some PPC person can comment.

I think V2 is much larger due to the use of romcc but I don't have any 
hard info on that as I haven't made the jump yet.

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