Jay Miller jmiller at
Fri Jul 23 15:11:01 CEST 2004

We've got Linux up and running on our Tyan S2885 motherboards, using
etherboot and filo with USB support.  Thanks for all your help, and

I was hoping that with all the expertise here with AMD 8111 chipset,
that someone would be able to answer my question.  Although it's not
strictly LinuxBIOS, it is Linux. ;-)

So I'm trying to write a Linux driver for the GPIO pins on the AMD 8111.
I saw a comment in amd8111_smbus.c that PMIOEN is set.  I believe this
is part of what I need to be able to drive the GPIOs.

But how/where were all those hex values determined?  The spec uses
mnemonics to abstract the addresses, and I don't see how they correlate.


Jay Miller
Actuality Systems, Inc.
jmiller at

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