Was a newbie, now a polliwog

Hendricks David W. dwh at lanl.gov
Thu Jul 22 15:28:01 CEST 2004

I figure now might be a good time to remind readers that LANL personnel 
(Ron Minnich, Ollie Lho, Greg Watson, and myself) on this list are 
currently unable to respond to inquiries on this mailing list due to a 
lab-wide stand down. You can read more about it here: 

We try to be responsive and helpful, but this is impossible for now and 
the immediate future. Fortunately there are several other helpful readers 
on this mailing list who can help. I just don't want anyone 
thinking that the LANL guys are blowing this list off or anything like 
that (Especially since the recent Slashdot article might spur some more 
interest in this project).

 On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Thomas Fritz wrote:

> I became interested in linuxbios a while back, and while I've subscribed 
> to this list I've never done anything with it.
> I've learned quite a bit more since then, and I'm even working on 
> reading the Linux From Scatch book.
> I've come back around to it again, for two reasons...I have a working 
> laptop (IBM TP 390X), and an extra mainboard for the laptop.  I have to 
> do a password recovery on mainboard, but I was thinking if I'm going to 
> go through the trouble, I would like to try something with it. 
> Especially with the TSSOP flash bios chip within easy reach :)
> The other reason...I've been looking at embedded applications lately, 
> and I don't really feel like going the DIY hardware route...since I have 
> access to a surplus source of IBM thin clients (403GCX PPC, PC87303 
> SuperIO, S3 Trio64V+ video, single PCMCIA slot, two EDO SIMM slots, 
> parport, serial, mouse/keybd, DP83907 ATLANTIC II ethernet, and a 
> whopping 512KB AM29F040 flash bios), which have everything I could want, 
> except USB, which a PCMCIA card could fix.
> What I want to do with one of the thin clients is put on linuxbios, and 
> since I would be using the PCMCIA for USB, boot a compact system off of 
> a USB memory stick.
> I was wondering how far along things have come, and if anyone has done 
> something like the USB booting, or even what other devices linuxbios can 
> boot a system off of?
> Also, after reading about all that's been done with the X-box project, 
> and the mod chips they sell, I was wondering if anyone has had any 
> thoughts on something like the Xenium X-box mod chip?
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