ADLO: linuxbios v1 hangs after jumping to boot code at 0x7c00

Simon Xin Cheng scheng at
Tue Jul 20 19:23:00 CEST 2004

Richard Smith wrote:

> Simon Xin Cheng wrote:
>> Richard,
>> Thanks for your suggestions. I tried them, however, the system still 
>> hangs
>> when jumping to boot code at 0x7c00.
>> Right now I suspect that something wrong with loder.s. My question is 
>> how
>> to debug loader.s? Thanks again.
> The most likely problem is that your shadowing is not working.
> Right after loader finishes copying to ram and you have enabled reads 
> to be routed to RAM dump the first few bytes from 0x7c00 and dump them 
> out the seial port and make sure things really got copied to RAM.

Thanks for your help on ADLO. I tried to trace loader.s, and have 
following problems:
jmp 0xFFFF:0x0000
I can print out something. But right after sti, I can not print out 
anything. So, I am not sure that the code really jumps to the power on 
entry point.

2. The first 16 bytes after 0xF0000 after shadowing are the same as 
rombios.bin. However, when I tried to print out more bytes, I can only 
get 16 output. What is the problem? My code is right after copy bios to 

mov ax, #0x10
mov ds, ax
mov eax, #0xF0000
mov esi, eax

mov ecx, #0x30 ; loop counter
mov dx, #0x3f8 ; serial port

str_loop: lodsb
out dx, al
loop str_loop



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