NEWBIE Question

Richard Smith rsmith at
Tue Jul 20 14:13:01 CEST 2004

Bruce Q. Simmons wrote:

what do I need
> to do next?


I'm cc'ing the list so that others may benefit when they search through 
the list archives.  I don't mind the direct mail but please cc the list 
for any LB related questions and such as there is a lot of stuff that I 
may not know the answer to or that someeone has a better answer for.

First: You need to figure out how you are going to get LB onto your 
motherboard.  You need to figure out what type of Flash part you have 
and how you are going to program it.

Who makes your mainboard?  Are there specs (or pictures) on-line I can 
go look at?

What kind of IC programming tools to you have access to?


You need to figure out what SuperIO is on your motherboard and if LB 
supports it.  The SuperIO is going to be responsible for the serial port 
output.  If you don't have serial output.  Debugging is going to be 
_much_ harder.  SuperIO's are usually on the ISA bus so lspci isn't much 
help you have to look on the board and get a Mfg and a part number.
If LB dosn't support you super IO it's not hard to add but you will need 
the SuperIO docs.

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