Compile Error while doing make

Richard Smith rsmith at
Tue Jul 20 10:12:01 CEST 2004

Thomas Leidenfrost wrote:

> The Linuxbios.rom is 64 kB, the Bioschip is 256 kB and the flashutility 
> says: "File and ROM size mismatch"  -> Do I need a new smaller Bios-ROM?
> Or is there another way making it work?

well you could

dd if=/dev/zero of=outimage.rom bs=1k count=256
dd if=Linuxbios.rom of=outimage.rom bs=1k seek=192

This will give you a 256kb Image with LB located in the last 64k.

Also you can mess with option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE and option PAYLOAD_SIZE

I set ROM_IMAGE_SIZE to Chip size - payload size.

These control various parameters that are given to dd when it builds the 

> And when using the payloader, which file is the right one?
> 1. romimage         (1.4 MB)
> 2. payload.block     (1.3 MB)
> 3. linux.bin.gz        (1.2 MB)

the 'payload' statement in the config file determines what payload file 
is used.

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