Compile Error while doing make

Thomas Leidenfrost leidenfrost at
Mon Jul 19 16:41:01 CEST 2004

Furtunally I made it work somehow to have a payload! :-)
(according to howto's e.g. from sis630)

But now there are two new issues to be solved...

The Linuxbios.rom is 64 kB, the Bioschip is 256 kB and the flashutility 
says: "File and ROM size mismatch"  -> Do I need a new smaller Bios-ROM?
Or is there another way making it work?

And when using the payloader, which file is the right one?

1. romimage 		(1.4 MB)
2. payload.block 	(1.3 MB)
3. linux.bin.gz		(1.2 MB)

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Tom (almost lucky)

ron minnich wrote:
> sorry that LANL is going to be so quiet here, if you read you'll 
> know how. I hope we can get back to helping out soon.
> ron
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