Compile Error while doing make

Thomas Leidenfrost leidenfrost at
Mon Jul 19 15:00:00 CEST 2004

>> objcopy -O binary -R .note -R .comment -S /boot/vmlinux linux.bin
>> objcopy: /boot/vmlinux: File format not recognized
>> make: *** [linux.bin] Error 1
> The error your getting above is because you have the default payload 
> setup and it dosen't exist.  If you don't specify a payload it defaults 
> to linux.  The actual linuxbios build is complete.  You can take 
> linuxbios.rom and put it in a chip.  Only linuxbios will run though 
> since you don't have a payload.

How do I specify a payload? I decompressed the sources of my actual 
running kernel (2.4.22)
to /stuff2/Linuxe/kernel2422 and copied the current-used vmlinux into 
the same directory.
But thats not all, I think...

> Make sure you document up all the changes you had to make and funnel 
> them back to the list so CVS can be updated and it works for the next guy.

I'll do after successful testing! :-)

Greetz, Tom

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