Compile Error while doing make

Richard Smith rsmith at
Mon Jul 19 14:06:01 CEST 2004

Thomas Leidenfrost wrote:

> Now I am one step closer to the end, thanks for your patience and help! 
> Probably not the last, but my actual problem:  :-)
> ...dd if=linuxbios.strip of=linuxbios.rom bs=1 seek=`expr 65536 - $size`
> 65536
> 65536+0 Records ein
> 65536+0 Records aus
> objcopy -O binary -R .note -R .comment -S /boot/vmlinux linux.bin
> objcopy: /boot/vmlinux: File format not recognized
> make: *** [linux.bin] Error 1
> I got a linuxbios.rom and a linuxbios.strip, both 64kB. But somehow, I 
> think, the other 192kB of the Bios have to be filled with some 
> kernel-sources. I read something about kernel 2.4.10 and a patch, but I 
> can't find these instructions again. Then, if done, I think I have to 
> put the linuxbios.rom & the linux.bin together with the tool nrv2b. Am I 
> right?

Now you are getting out of my realm on this board.  I've never used nrv2b.

The error your getting above is because you have the default payload 
setup and it dosen't exist.  If you don't specify a payload it defaults 
to linux.  The actual linuxbios build is complete.  You can take 
linuxbios.rom and put it in a chip.  Only linuxbios will run though 
since you don't have a payload.

> P.S. @Richard: I added this to the config-file (didn't know it should be 
> there): option SERIAL_SUPERIO_BASEADDRESS=0x3f0

Make sure you document up all the changes you had to make and funnel 
them back to the list so CVS can be updated and it works for the next guy.

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