sis630 ipl SDRAM initializtion make some trouble

Li-Ta Lo ollie at
Fri Jul 16 08:59:01 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 07:00, zhu shi song wrote:
> I've got two kind of sis630e motherboard, one is winfast 6300 Max pro,
> the other is from ellite group.   
>  (1) for winfast 6300
> I've burned one DOC2001 to boot it,  for some SDRAM  it works well,
> for some other SDRAM it can't boot, it hangup on jmp spl_vector(after
> my debug testing ).  
> (2) for ellite board
> The same doc2001 chip which works well on winfast 6300 can't boot
> ellite board.  It also hangup on jmp spl_vector.  For some SDRAM it
> can boot linux, but linux will hangup at anytime.
> (3) conclusion
> I think IPL SDRAM initialization has some problem.  So the SDRAM can't
> work stably.  Who has sis630 manual?  I can check if I can adjust the
> SDRAM control parameters.  Or someone can point out what's the exact
> reason causing the problem. 

It is known that some SDRAM DIMM have broken SPD data. Probably your 
SDRAM is one of them.

Are you using the same image for both winfast and ecs ? You need 
different image for different mainboard.

Nobody outside SiS have the manual. You have to ask SiS for the manual,
good luck.


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