SiS 530

Andrew Richardson ucapajr at
Thu Jul 15 10:08:01 CEST 2004

Dear All,
I am new to this list and have been emailing Ron a few
times about the SiS530. 
Ron sugested that I use FILO for my project and 
I have had a trawl around to find filo, and have
downloaded a BZ from a  fairly unreputable looking web
site. Does anyone have the "official" website
 address at all? 

Also Ron said to configure LinuxBIOS for the 530, but
I thought that it was not supported by the LinuxBIOS

I understand (basically) the idea of having payload
code (which is filo from your advice), but I think I
may need some more explicit instructions: do I assume
 correctly that I need to flash my current 530 board
bios with LinuxBIOS with a payload of filo and have
filo point to boot off HDA1? 

 Then this leads me onto another question: can I pull
a bios chip from another PC and use that to flash LB
onto to use with the 530, or are some regions of the
BIOS chip un-writable and/or mobo specific? If the
latter then would it not be safer to get a small DoC
and flash that, as I only have one 530 Mobo.



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