V1 PIRQ table

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Wed Jul 14 13:59:01 CEST 2004

I've reciently learned that my PIRQ table isn't making it into RAM. 
Going through the code I see that the the last thing that hardware_main 
does before loading an elf image is call write_tables() which will try 
and copy the various tables to thier final destination.

I don't uderstand how this will work.  In order for those writes to go 
to RAM you have to have your shadowing control set up properly.  On my 
chipset at this stage both reads and writes to areas such as f0000 are 
forwarded to PCI so the write will fail.

I don't see any mention of enableing writes for these ranges to go to RAM.

Am I missing something?

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