via 686b, 8601t mainboard ipl.S hlt

zhu shi song zhushisongzhu at
Wed Jul 14 07:35:01 CEST 2004

I've got QDIA6T mainboard see   It use via 8601t and 686b.  I try to boot it using vt5426 mainboard in freebios V1.  After testing, ipl.S will loop forever in the following code(in src/northbridge/via/8601/ipl.S):


        /* delay by reding NOP register before polling the FLASH READY bit,
           this is inlined to save a call/ret pair */
        movb    $0xbb, %al
        outb    %al,$0x80
        movb    %ds:0x04(%di),%ah               
        movw    $0x04, %cx                      # this one is DANGEROUS but I am
                                                # sure the upper 3 bytes == 0x00
        movb    %ds:0x20(%di), %al                      # read DOC NOP retisger
        loop    0b                              # four times
        testb   $0x80,%ah               # is flash ready ?
        jz      wait_for_flash_ready


Anybody can explain me what the code work for?




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