freebios1 sis-kernel_patch for 2.6

Thomas Wehrspann thomas at
Thu Jul 8 15:10:00 CEST 2004

On Thursday 08 July 2004 16:53, Li-Ta Lo wrote:
> I can't help him with the 2.6 frame buffer neither. That driver is based
> on the "official" framebuffer driver released by SiS long time ago. It 
> uses register table from vga bios image so there is a lot of code doing
> table parsing. It is totally beyond my knowledge.
> Unfortunately, that driver is not maintained by SiS any more. You 
> probably should ask the independent maintainer Thomas Winischhofer
> Ollie
But after setting the videomode with fbset (the same mode that should be set 
after booting) framebuffer works. So i hoped it can't be that difficult.

Are you sure about the "official" SiS driver? For me the 2.6 SiS driver seem 
to be nearly the same Thomas Winischhofer released on his site. And he stated 
that he had no help from SiS.


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