=?gb2312?b?tPC4tA==?=: CPU refactoring status....

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at lnxi.com
Thu Jul 8 13:09:01 CEST 2004

YhLu <YhLu at tyan.com> writes:

> The hardwaremain become more tidy. 
> How about the progress about the romcc? I hope I can enable debug info while
> include all ati support stuff.

The major bug that was causing the core dump is fixed.  As far as
improving the optimizations things are working well enough it
is not killing me at the moment.  At this point I feel more
urgency for getting the APIs in the freebios2 tree to the point
where we can comfortably freeze them.

Thinking about it size is a significant factor so if I can't reduce
the about of inlining in romcc we have some structural changes that
are needed at least on x86.  So that needs to come before a final
freeze as well.

YHLu your mailer currently breaks threads, because it does include
a references line for older messages.  Could see if that can be fixed?
It makes it hard to keep all of the pieces of a conversation together.


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