freebios1 sis-kernel_patch for 2.6

Thomas Wehrspann thomas at
Wed Jul 7 05:20:01 CEST 2004


i'm still using the K7SEM Motherboard with DiskOnChip Milleniuim an LinuxBIOS.

Linux 2.6 has some features i need and want, so i ported parts of the latest 
2.4 sis-kernel_patch and the ide-spinup.patch to the 2.6 kernel some time 
I combined both patches into one.
I didn't port the SiSFB-Lite part of the SiS-Patch, because the SiS graphics 
driver  in the kernel changed a lot.

The SiS framebuffer seems to work better with kernel 2.6 and linuxbios than it 
was with kernel 2.4 and linuxbios. But i have to call the fbset utility first 
after booting with linuxbios.
I do not have the knowledge to fix that.

Thomas Wehrspann
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