AGP 3.0 bus analyzer

Bari Ari bari at
Sat Jan 31 12:07:01 CET 2004

ron minnich wrote:

> As I read the manual for these two products it looks like I need to buy an 
> external logic analyzer. Anybody seen a standalone card similar to the 
> vmetro PCI analyzer?

I'd be surprised if someone makes a standalone card. There's just not a 
large enough market for it. There are only a few graphics companies vs. 
several that work with expansion buses like PCI.

Look at renting since you're probably not going to need the AGP 3.0 
analyzer long term.

and similar cards can be used along with a logic analyzer to look at bus 
activity since you're just interested in finding out if you're getting 
activity on the bus.


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