EPIA-M HW graphics slow under linuxbios

Dmitry Borisov jbors at mail.ru
Thu Jan 29 18:28:01 CET 2004

I did what you said. The patch was applied correctly. I built the romimage
and burnt it the same way I did it before and it did turn the VGA on, true,
but never ran linux, just infinite loop inside linuxbios...
Here are the last messages I've got before it went to the restart.
Copying IRQ routing tables to 0xf0000...done.
Verifing priq routing tables copy at 0xf0000...failed
Wrote linuxbios table at: 00000500 - 00000650  checksum 9ac4

Welcome to elfboot, the open sourced starter.
January 2002, Eric Biederman.
Version 1.2

    37:init_bytes() - zkernel_start:0xfff00000  zkernel_mask:0x0000ffff
Found ELF candiate at offset 0
New segment addr 0x100000 size 0x24130 offset 0xa0 filesize 0xa168
(cleaned up) New segment addr 0x100000 size 0x24130 offset 0xa0 filesize
New segment addr 0x124140 size 0x48 offset 0xa220 filesize 0x48
(cleaned up) New segment addr 0x124140 size 0x48 offset 0xa220 filesize 0x48
Dropping non PT_LOAD segment
Loading Segment: addr: 0x0000000000100000 memsz: 0x0000000000024130 filesz:
Clearing Segment: addr: 0x000000000010a168 memsz: 0x0000000000019fc8
Loading Segment: addr: 0x0000000000124140 memsz: 0x0000000000000048 filesz:
Jumping to boot code at 0x106710

LinuxBIOS-1.0.0 Thu Jan 29 15:29:50 PST 2004 starting...

Any ideas ?
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Subject: Re: EPIA-M HW graphics slow under linuxbios

> >Can you put your recent changes in a tarball instead of diff ?
> The way to use the patch is to cvs co the freebios tree, then update it
> to 2003/7/5, then apply the patch.
> Freebios has evolved since I made all these changes. All I can say is
> my freebios fork works perfectly fine for me :^). Whenever Ron asked for
> patches or whatever I provided them, but they never got integrated I
> I don't have cvs write permissions nor would I have time to clean up my
> patch anyway or bring it back into sync...Especially since freebios2 is
> the way to go anyway in the future.
> Ron always says he doesn't have an epia-m yet to work with, but when I
> offer to send one he doesn't take me up on it :^).
> I think my epia-m support is further along than the epia support anyway.
> Last I checked epia didn't have a good composite/svideo video encoder,
> there were awful color bands. I don't know why more people aren't
> the epia-m and giving up on epia. Oh well.
> -Dave
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