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Thu Jan 15 14:16:01 CET 2004


When I first encountered LinuxBIOS project at the beginning of december, I was amazed at what it can do (for example I would like to build my OWN mini router DoC distro). So the next day I found M-Sys distributor in Poland and ordered two MD2802-D08 units, because I had two spare mobo's with BX chipset. After 4 (!!!) weeks of waiting I finally got my DoCs and began my story with LinuxBIOS begun. First thaing that was wrong, was that docipl file was missing, but I tried not to bother about that. It took me a few days before I read on the linuxbios newsgroup that BX is not supported in the way I would like it to be. I also learned that SiS got very good support (now I know it HAD, but hasn't any more), so I tried to buy used SiS 630/635/730/735 chipset based mainboard, because I saw they all got ipl.S file in their folders. After one week I finally found nice board based on SiS 735 (Ellitegroup's K7S5A) and I bought it. I patched kernel for use with SiS and tried to build rom images for my new SiS. Then something terrible happened! I got error during compilation of docipl file, saying that .org instruction is moving backwards! Once again I looked up newsgroup and read that SiS 735 with DoC is _NOT_ supported. That's why I got a few questions:

1. Which *NEW* mainboard can I buy if I want to install LinuxBIOS with DoC Millenium support on it?

2. How mature is freebios2 project?

3. Does IPL code for SiS 735 initialize only DDR SDRAM (no standard SDRAM) or both? (I got normal SDRAM in my mobo)

4. If I get it right SiS 735 cannot boot off MD2802-D08 because it's IPL code is too big?

5. Any idea why my flash writer does not work on mobo ECS K7S5A, based on SiS 735 with IT8705F superio (which is 100% compatible with SiS 950)? I use "flash_on" utility for SiS and if I'm right it should work on this nb/sb/sio configuration, but "flash_rom" says "no EEPROM".

Thanks for any help,
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