LC2430 - laptop candidate for LinuxBIOS (Intel 845G)?

Bari Ari bari at
Wed Jan 14 13:28:01 CET 2004

Miernik wrote:

> Maybe this will be a candidate for LinuxBIOS laptop:
> This laptop is probably produced by a Linux company (LC stands for 
> Linux Certified I presume), so they might be interested in 
> cooperation. It has been recently Debian certified.
Cooperation would be nice... but they may not even know some of the 
details needed to get all the features working with LinuxBIOS.

Laptops typically use a micro with lots of I/O to perform keyboard scan 
along with power management, battery charging, flashing the BIOS etc.
Getting the specs. to make these features work is a problem since most 
laptop vendors don't design their own motherboards.


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