Int 15 AX=b808

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Wed Jan 14 11:29:01 CET 2004

Hello (again) from Gregg C Levine
Richard, according to a guide book for programming for the Evil
Empire, that BIOS call, INT 15H AH=88H, which does mean AX=88H, since
your using the high order byte for that call, does this, Get Extended
Block Size. Upon return from the interrupt the AX register will
contain the number of 1K blocks. 

The book itself claims to be "The Programmers PC Sourcebook", but
since its published by those guys, that's why I gave that
introduction. In short, yes you do need to make it work. I don't know
why yours is calling it, and the emulator does not. Is this on the
native BIOS? I should think so. And is this for the video BIOS that
lives on the card, or as a part of the VGA setup, as a whole? And I
don't know why his interrupt list doesn't have it, its supposed to be
extremely extensive.
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> Anyone have a clue what Int 15 AX=b808 does?  It's not in Ralph's
> and none of the emulator code supports it.
> My video bios is calling it so Im trying to determine if I can blow
> off or if I actually have to make it work.
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