vgabios use howto.

Richard Smith rsmith at
Tue Jan 13 17:11:00 CET 2004

ron minnich wrote:

> run with -t also and you'll get instruction traces. 
> Don't post traces to the list, as we don't want to start posting 
> disassembled bios code to the list.

Agreed.  Way to long anyway.

So now what?  Since it was getting to a write string int call I would 
guess that the video init stuff would have already been run but I don't 
get any indication that VSYNC has been enabled.  I haven't verified yet 
directly by checking the vsync pin on our header yet but my monitor 
never comes out of powersave.

The emulator lets the actual writes to the hardware occur dosen't it?

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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