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Richard Smith rsmith at
Mon Jan 12 19:34:00 CET 2004

Eric W. Biederman wrote:

>>Does success under the emulator indicate the level of success for the direct
>>support or are they totally different?  Will it be of use to boot the board up
>>headless and run the emulator to see what happens?
> There are some ATI framebuffer drivers that think they know how to initialize
> a card from one of those.

The chips are the Rage Mobility M1.  Suposedly a mach64 core with extra 
TFT and LVDS drivers added.  Target is for laptops.  Its pretty new so I 
don't know if any of the fbdevs would support it.  If is really is a 
mach64 with a facelift then the atyfb might be able to make it work. 
Thats easy enough to test.

> It may be worth trying the emulator.  If we have open source code that can init
> your video chip there are a lot of interesting things that can be done.

I have to be careful here.  To get the datasheet on this chip we had to 
enter into NDA's with ATI which also provided us access to the register 
level docs.  So as a Bitworks employee I'm tainted.

If I can I'd like to just stick with running (or emulating) the provided 
bios image as that should keep any possiblity of someone crying foul. 
Otherwise I'll have to go seek permission from ATI's legal machine.

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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