DirectFB Minit-itx?

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Sun Jan 11 03:34:01 CET 2004

What I noticed is that if you use legacy BIOS it may take little longer to boot( 5-7 secs more ), but it does your initialization cleaner and all of the devices works properly under Linux.
Anyways you can definitely get epia2 kernel which uses vgafb and pass TVon=1 at the boot time to turn on the video output.
viafb works well when used as a module. For kernel non module build you may need additional patch. I have it if you wish.
Just out of curiosity. What encoder you're talking here ? Is it built in to EPIA board ? Can you send a link ?
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  Hello, Im interested in a M1000 with the CLE266 tv-encoder(mpeg2)/Matrox G550 chipset for a PVR type applications id like to use Linuxbios to boot the system quicker, As well as boot directly into Tv-output through DirectFB.
  DirectFB has support for calling Tv-output once booted, but I'd like to activate it during boot can this be done with linuxbios ?

  Dylan D.
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