Parallel port - LinuxBIOS

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Jan 8 05:08:00 CET 2004

"wora list" <kojinx at> writes:

> Hello everybody,
>         I have a problem with linuxBIOS for using parallel port in bios. My
> project doesnot want to boot Linux but want to use mainboard to control
> something by Serial,Parallel port or USB , PS/2 later
> But now i have a problem for parallel port (My motherboard is EPIA mini-ITX) via
> 8231 is SIO controller , i want to send data directly from bios to led
> board. But i don't know howto wirte some code for do this ,and  i can't find
> address 0x378 for parallel port ... If your have some suggession ,please reply
> me.

Pleas ask on the LinuxBIOS list.
>        I added this code but nothing happen
>                                                                       Thank you.
>                                                                        Best
> regards,
>                                                                        Kojinx
> (LinuxBIOS user)


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