Source code control

Dave Ashley linuxbios at
Tue Jan 6 13:13:00 CET 2004

The only problems I have with CVS are:
1) Doesn't deal with symlinks
2) Your source tree is littered with CVS directories
3) Versioning is on a file basis, not a tree basis
4) Dealing with binaries seems complicated

I was watching the subversion project since I saw a posting about it on
slashdot, and the two things that were interesting about it were
1) Will eventually handle symlinks
2) The whole tree is versioned, not individual files

I've kept checking back in on subversion but they're not at 1.00 yet and
it seems like for the longest time the symlink handling never got implemented.
I don't know for sure if it is working now even. It seemed like subversion
was moving forward with glacial speeds, so I figured it was a dead project.


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