Source code control

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Mon Jan 5 08:04:00 CET 2004

Adam Megacz <adam at> writes:

> You really should check out darcs.  I did an extensive arch/darcs
> comparison, and the XWT project ( is going with the latter.
> Vastly simpler than either bk or arch but with all the same features.

I looked on the core mailing list and saw a version control discussion
but did not see your comparison.

As for features at least as of tla 1.1 I do not believe this to
be the case.  Feel free to prove me wrong.

It was mentioned in some of your discussion that darcs uses
reverse format patches.  I am leary of that because it was
exactly that ``optimization'' in RCS which made CVS suck at branches.

For myself I am branch happy.  And I don't think I like the idea of
having to create another copy of a repository to have a branch.  Besides
which darcs does not appear to have the merging capabilities that are
present in arch.  

I will keep darcs in mind.  It always interesting to see another version
control system.


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