Booting USB keydrive from BIOS

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> Ok, then I guess maybe my question should be; You said your
> PC BIOS supported USB booting, but is your USB key able to
> be booted?
I am not sure about it... I bought this modell  (JetFlash usb 2.0 128 Mb--->
Part #: TS128MJF2L

) because I saw : Window, Machintosh, Linux; boot up function--- can make
JetFlash Bootable device

"JetFlash can also be setup to be used as MS-DOS Boot Disk with the software
included in the package"

"JetFlash boot function requires Windows operating system, software
installation and your motherboard need to support USB ZIP, USB-FDD or
USB-HDD (in Windows XP only USB ZIP). Refer to your motherboard manual. Boot
function only allow JetFlash to run MS-DOS programs, however, this does not
make JetFlash as Rescue Disk or put Windows Startup files into JetFlash"

> you confident you have a bootable USB key?
> Further more, under the BIOS' I have access too with USB boot
> capability, they tend to have differing types - such as;
> I'm not sure if the syslinux version is going to be USB-FDD or

For Flonix is USB-FDD ( although sometimes , USB-HDD works, but not for me
using Windows XP to prepare the booting files in the keydrive).


P.D. : Has anyone obtained a good booting using Flonix with a keydrive ??.
Can specify the trademark and modell of the keydrive ??.

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